Q&A’s with Wedding Planner Lucy Kent

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Newstead Priory’s resident Wedding Planner Lucy Kent has been turning dreams in to reality for more than 15 years. Here we find out more...

Q&A’s with Wedding Planner Lucy Kent

Q - What is the most difficult aspect of your job?

A - A wedding for most people is the largest and most expensive party they will ever organise in their lives. The nerves and stress for couples and families is huge, it is a day you will remember forever. It has to be perfect. 

Q - Why should couples take advantage of a wedding planner?

A - This is what they do full time and so the advice, knowledge and experience is invaluable.

Q - What is the most enjoyable or rewarding part of your job?

A - Meeting people from all around the world who are in love and when you are told you have just been part of organising the best day of someone’s life, that is the best job satisfaction you can get.

Q - What are the most common worries most couples have about their wedding day?

A - The weather is always a concern in this English climate and making sure all family and friends are happy is also a common concern.

Q - What advice would you give to couples about budget?

A - Keep your numbers down and have a paying bar!

Q - What makes a good wedding planner?

A - Getting on with people, being organized and having a good team around you.

Q - How many weddings do you plan at once?

A – Today for example, I am dealing with nine weddings and they are all very different and tailor made to each couple. I love making each wedding different and special for each client.

Q - Do you keep in contact with couples after their wedding day?

A – Yes it is so nice when we receive thank you letters and even better when they come back as guests. 

Q - How did you become involved with wedding planning?

A - When we got our civil ceremony licence at Newstead Priory, I was full time after 4 years.

Q - What are the most important things a couple should consider when planning their day?

A – A timetable is key and making sure your guests are not hungry and thirsty throughout the day.

Q - How many times do you meet with a couple in the run up to their wedding?

A - Generally we have between two to six meetings and viewings before the big day. However if clients live aboard, then maybe just once, followed by lots of emails and phone calls.  

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